Natalie Matos – Rhythm In My Bones – Audio

The India based R & B creator Natalie Matos released the LP eXhale on the 15th.

Natalie Matos

Natalie Matos

The eleven track album extends for just over fifty minutes of ranging ideas from the slowly paced to the sprightly – expressing a desire for cohesion rather than fractious fragmentation.

Sometimes music can be for ‘adults’ without the listener feeling the need that they need to be dressed in smartly pressed clothing and Natalie Matos – who splits her time between England, The Balearic Islands and India delivers music which tastes of a seasoned world traveller, welcoming those in threadbare nylon socks as much as those wearing silk shirt.

From eXhale (available on bandcamp) the ante-penultimate – Rhythm In My Bones.


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