Narrow Plains

The trio of Charlie Ferriday (Guitar / Vocals), Roger Connick (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Stuart Connick (Drums / Backing Vocals) from London in England form the alt-rock band Narrow Plains.

Narrow Plains - alt-rock from England

Narrow Plains

There is something about the combination of acoustic guitar and electric bass, as wielded by Narrow Plains, that sears its way into the soul and holds the listener transfixed with a feeling of calmness flowing through the arteries.

The music threads through a range of influences which gives them a broad audience as they are able to gather folk derivatives and rock numbers to deliver a sound that is both passionate and attractive. The trio display versatility in both their song writing and performances with the instruments and percussion creating, at one moment impetus, the next context, over which a refined vocal is able to form an immediate connectivity with those in earshot.

With a few years behind them, which is evident by the ease and confidence with which they interweave the various elements of the band, deservedly they have gained traction both in the UK and North America with music that is not geographically imprinted. The recent release of their eponymous début LP on the 14th – will cement those roots and, one hopes, gain Narrow Plains further visibility.

I look forward to hearing more by what is self-evidently a talented trio who have the ability to compose and as importantly play music that has a powerful impact for its very calmness.


Narrow Plains – Narrow Plains is available on iTunes.*

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