My Peoples

My Peoples is the reggae five piece of Michael DayaoLansky MalinaoSteve SaltaJosh Hoover and Gary Pitman from San Francisco in the USA.

My Peoples - reggae from the USA

My Peoples

It was November 2010 that I was contacted by Michael of My Peoples and here is some evidence that I do always get back to read emails and listen to the music, just not necessarily that same day.

My Peoples is an intriguing take on the twists and turns of music as they combine Ska, dub and roots reggae with hip hop, rap and pop rock to throw out something that should be horrible, but it isn’t. I am happily engaged with a moonstomp as I type, as the music hones down to the core vestiges of the master / slave struggle inflecting their independence and bring it bang up to the second decade of the 21st Century.

The quintet is able to deliver music which at once is expressive joy, whilst reflective of the darker seam of fracturing in society, without it becoming a political diatribe. This is music that draws people from many walks of life together in the same way that its early derivations did so successfully and in many ways is the approachable cousin of rap and hip hop –  pointing to a direction that it could have developed in to as a cohesive and unifying protest sound and I raise my hat to My Peoples for striking an alternative direction of travel, which has far more impact that its relative.

Since the initial introduction My Peoples has developed far further, so whilst I apologise to Michael for the three year delay, somehow that doesn’t seem so bad.


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