My Drunken Haze

My Drunken Haze from Athens in Greece is the Psychedelic quintet of Spir Frelini (Guitars), Harry Kane (Guitars / Vocals), Matina Sous Peau (Vocals / Tambourine), Costas Gunn (Bass) and Nick Zouras (Drums).

My Drunken Haze - Photo by Dionyssis Matiatos

My Drunken Haze – Photo by Dionyssis Matiatos

Multicoloured shapes spiral across the room as My Drunken Haze unify ’60s beatnik with the 21st Century to afford the listener with room to pull out the bean bags and wallow in the weaving notes. The compositions do not stretch the mind to phantasmagoria, yet have a blurry definition which steals its way into the synapses, shifting the patterns in the brain.

Melding soupçons of electronica along with the switches between the guitars enables My Drunken Haze to keep the music bouncing onwards as the percussion maintains a flowing back-drop. Bass is permitted to wallow in snatches of nostalgia, whilst the vocal, marginally muted, reverbed and echoed gives the overall output a an easy tilt to which the mind can readily flow.

The quintet have the confidence to not hurry the pace and tracks are allowed to develop at their own natural rhythm, which means pieces can extend to over seven minutes, yet the audience is in no rush to reach the conclusion.

A début LP – a nine track forty minute eponymously titled piece appeared on the 3rd.

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