Mundaka – Desaparecer – Video

Rodrigo Vera Tudela (Vocal / Guitar), Richard Angeles (Drums), Lucas Stiglich (Bass) and Mateo Majluf (Guitar) from Lima (Peru) who form the alt-rock band Mundaka released the recorded live EP Mar Adentro on the 21st.



An EP which introduces various guest musicians and disparate instrumentation as and where required, journeys around a broad thread of influence.

My selection from the EP being the penultimate, which only features the four players in the band in a swooping hazy array of fretboards, surrounded by an uncompromising bass / drum combination, Desaparecer.

All five tracks were, as with this video, captured in the live performance of the recording session of the EP.

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Mar Adentro – EP – Mundaka is available on iTunes.*

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