Mummy Short Arms

Mummy Short Arms based in Glasgow, Scotland is the alt-rock septet of Cameron Findlay, Craig Brown, Dean McClure, Fraser Gillies, James Allan, Stuart Brown and Gary Pinkerton.

Mummy Short Arms - alt-rock from Scotland

Mummy Short Arms

Back in 2011 I received an introduction to Mummy Short Arms and finally have caught up with that email. Sparse releases and sporadic live performances mean that although late, I haven’t missed a great deal in the intervening period and this year sees them starting to release new material after an LP in 2012.

Singularity may be a better genre definition of the band as they deliver an iconic experimentalism that is wrapped inside understandable refrains. Mummy Short Arms have the ability to write what on the surface are easy to grapple tunes, yet underneath the calmness lay depths of contortion as the players conjecture on individualism within societies strata.

I am hoping that a release earlier this year – Face Full Of Sand –  is the precursor to a full LP as it is in long play that the real value of Mummy Short Arms comes to the fore.

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