Mrs. Magician – Forgiveness – Audio

The US surf-merseybeat quintet Mrs. Magician are planning to release the LP Bermuda on the 20th of May.

Mrs. Magician

Mrs. Magician

There is something enamouring of the Corondo Bridge and the Queensway Tunnel meeting at some point and Mrs. Magician are that moment of architectural illusion as they bring North West Coast England and South Western coastal USA together as though merely a lock away.

From the forthcoming album – Forgiveness, which was released as a single on the 19th, conjoins spangly dampened guitar with extended synths in a sound that is something special. Their ability to unify the unimaginable is a testament to their creative thought processes and the world of music is better for it.

I had the option of asking to hear the rest of the LP and delaying an article or running with what I had and decided it would be better if I ran with this and come back to a band who had the perspicacity to release as their first LP – the seventeen track B Sides, which is precisely what it says on the tin – things forgotten, yet made a mastery of the release.

I hope to be able to come back to you nearer the time with some thoughts on Bermuda.

*Correction – The first LP was Strange Heaven.*

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  1. Mrs Magician’s first record is called Strange Heaven… pretty sure B Sides is a collection of all the songs that didn’t cut it for SH…


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