Move Until Motionless – Drop The Bass – Single Review

On the 30th January Move Until Motionless aka M.U.M. released their début single – Drop The Bass.

Move Until Motionless - Drop The Bass - artwork

Move Until Motionless – Drop The Bass – artwork

The chances of me asking you to spend time with dub-step is as you know fairly remote – as for reviewing a track? Well to my ears the English duo Move Until Motionless have something special to offer. I ask you to set aside preconceptions and turn up the volume.

Pulling in waves of tenor with looping synthetics Drop The Bass adds an infectious Dayan and Bayan percussion giving the track an impressive cohesion between EDM and Indian sub-continent tradition that can’t help but inject its way into the very essence of the audience. M.U.M. hold the listener in extended bars before steeply escarping the rhythm and quickly reverting back to a new build-up.

Drop The Bass deserves to keep the strobes and bodies busy this year.


Drop the Bass – Single – múm is available on iTunes.*

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