Motus Tenebrae – Our Weakness – Video

The Italian gloom-metal quintet Motus Tenebrae release the LP Deathrising on the 25th.

Motus Tenebrae - Deathrising - artwork

Motus Tenebrae – Deathrising – artwork

Our Weakness, the first of the eleven tracks on the album crunches through the room in low rumbles of mourning. Like a murder of crows flocking around carrion Motus Tenebrae deliver music that makes gothic rock seem like an accompaniment for a joyful birthday party.

Experienced musicians, Death Rising being their fourth LP, Motus Tenebrae are able to balance pure misery with immensely engaging out-put and rather than leaving Our Weakness looking for razor-blades, the listener is left with an invigorating catharsis and wanting to hear more.


Deathrising – Motus Tenebrae is available on iTunes.*

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