Morning Fuzz – Rain And Thunder – Single Review

The US rock ‘n’ roll quartet Morning Fuzz released their latest single – Rain And Thunder yesterday.

Morning Fuzz - Rain and Thunder

Morning Fuzz

An extremely appropriate name for a release I am considering whilst around me – here in the UK that stuff from the sky –  rain and thunder tumble around my ears as the backdrop to the music dancing out of the speakers.

It isn’t often that one can say Rain And Thunder just brightened the day – but the just over four minute track of infectious dance-beat does just that. As with music previously featured by Morning Fuzz, they don’t seek to add any bells and whistles to a tried and trusted formula dating back over the decades – merely adding their own personalities to the sound.

In a world where many believe adding paraphernalia to music adds value –  Rain And Thunder (available on bandcamp) proves the antithesis is generally far more effective and the listener can’t but help find that their body is involuntarily swaying to the beat.

Always a pleasure to come back to Morning Fuzz as they never disappoint and I am already looking forward to the next release.

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