Moral Panics

Moral Panics from Stoke-On-Trent in England is the indie-indie quartet of Andy Gannon (Guitar), Dan Johnson (Vocals / Guitar), Tom O’Neill ( Bass) and Jazz Smith (Drums).

Moral Panics - alt-indie from England

Moral Panics

Smartly combing shoegaze, dance and Britpop but paying homage to none Moral Panics confidently stride their own path and it is a direction of travel worth pursuing. I have to confess, it took me a second listening to get tuned, so if it doesn’t strike a chord first time, leave it a few days and come back to it, as I did.

I can envisage this as being ever on the fringes of many audiences, as it lies in an isolated pool, yet connecting with the soul.

The rationale behind my hesitancy was that it sounded contrived, but on further accepting these are musicians approaching the arena from alternative creative backgrounds, of course they will cast aspersions to genres, whilst drawing from them and if you give them time to gel, you will I hope, find music that has something to offer.

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