Moonroof – Simple Fix – Single Review

The US dream-gaze quintet Moonroof released the single Simple Fix on the 1st.



Simple Fix is a just under four and a quarter minutes release that seems to be able to expand time as it flows through the room.

A song which softly highlights a noticeable bass drum and as longer stay readers will know I am a bit of a sucker for bass notes produced by any instrument, voice or, electronica.

There is a delightful contrast between the drum with its pressure waves of sound and the glittering guitars which flow inside each other as if tracing constellations in the sky, while a subdued bass guitar affords Simple Fix its undulating feeling as a subtle synth supports the dreamy voices.

The resulting output is a track (available on bandcamp) that, the further it evolves so, more deeply the audience drifts in to an hypnotic trance.

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