MonaLisa Twins – Waiting For The Waiter – Audio

The Austrian, England based, folk-beat duo MonaLisa Twins release the LP ORANGE on the 29th.

MonaLisa Twins

MonaLisa Twins

A dozen track album (available directly from their website) rooted firmly in ’60s psychedelic merseybeat MonaLisa Twins deliver a selection of songs that set flight intoxicating melodies which akin to sunlight refracting through hanging crystals dapple the room with kaleidoscopes of colours that relaxes the stresses of daily life as they drift through the mind.

The sixth track is Waiting For The Waiter which is a composition that features, with the guitars, blues-harmonica.

My apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to this as this email has been with me since early this month.


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  1. There were sultry bluesy moments followed up by psychadelic haze and then you’re suddenly transported to a dive bar with John Sebastian on blues harp (I want to say it, “harmonica”, there I said it). The various genres they explored kept me hooked from the first note to the last.

    The only sad thing about this album is the fact that it must end. That’s okay, just play your CD in repeat mode and you’re set. “Nothing ever lasts forever, my oh my”.

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