Mom & Bear – Everybody Wants You Dead – Single Review

The Danish atmospheric-rock quintet Mom & Bear released the single Everybody Wants You Dead on the 8th.

Mom & Bear

Mom & Bear

Despite having been around for a few years Mom & Bear are yet to release their début LP – though word has arrived that this project is underway with the title Bury You Dead and Everybody Wants You Dead (available on bandcamp) which has been lingering in the vaults for a while is the first song to surface from the album.

Layers of guitars, keys, bass, percussion and vocal wrap around the listener akin to gently placed swabs as the delight of the composition lays not only in its dark brooding presence it is equally by the shadowy nature of the music that drifts as though a Brocken Spectre emerging through the clouds in the valley below seen from high on a mountain.

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