Modern Blonde – 24 – Video

It has been a couple of years since the English synth-wave band Modern Blonde last featured.

Modern Blonde - Off The Chain - artwork

Modern Blonde – Off The Chain – artwork

The third of the twelve tracks on the LP Off The Chain24, finds Modern Blonde with a more gently flowing piece than previous songs featured. 24 is a wave of synths which roll around the room providing a calming palette in which to rest the soul. The insistent beat, whilst unrelenting and a focal point, doesn’t strike of impatience and the additional sequences which develop through the track enhance the tranquillity of the piece. The vocal equally lays in easy to gather layers.

That isn’t to say 24 is a bland piece of music, far from it as Modern Blonde, utilise this more accessible style to add layers of texture to the just under four and a half minute track, in a soundscape that fascinates as much as it relaxes.

Off the Chain – Modern Blonde is available on iTunes.*

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