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The England based electro-wave project Mmöner released the EP Forest Eruption on the 29th of September.



The listener can feel the vegetation sprouting around their ankles as Mmöner delivers a virtual landscape into the room, leaving each member of the audience to create their own story through the almost tangible organic ambient electronics that flow in to the ears.

There is a sense of a world sprites and eye reflections peering from the foliage as the music develops, yet despite the mystery there is never a sense of threat, merely an invitation to explore further and yet the more uncovered the more, akin to a fractal, the listener finds they have only brushed the edges.

Forest Eruption (available on bandcamp) is an approximately eighteen minute release with a distinctly far east asian flavour to put on a loop and discover more each play through. The last of the five tracks is Mirkwood.

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