Mitski – Your Best American Girl – Audio

The US alt-rock creator Mitski Miyawaki forms the project Mitski.

Mitski - photo by Samantha Marble

Mitski – photo by Samantha Marble

The eleven track LP Puberty 2 is set for release on the 17th of June, the fifth of which – Your Best American Girl has been made available in advance.

Akin to chewing liquorice root there is a warming pleasure which fills the soul accompanied by an earthy flavour as Mitski expounds of idealism and the realities of relationships.

The track builds from a gentle hand-hold to a passionate embrace as the synths seek to retain tenderness, whilst a pummelling bass and percussion speaks of gratification and after just over three and a half minutes the track flops frustratedly into unsatisfied release as Your Best American Girl superbly articulates the vacuity of unrequited romanticism with what is ultimately a scathing commentary of the still prevalent misogyny of far too many, tacitly accepted by the swathe of mainstream media, where femininity is decried and pre-pubescent titillation is lauded.


Puberty 2 – Mitski is available on iTunes.*

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