Missiles of October

The trio of Lionel Beyet (Bass / Vocals), Bob Seytor (Drums) and Mathias Salas (Guitar / Vocals) from Brussels on Belgium combine to form the angst-rock band Missiles Of October.

Missiles Of October - angst-rock from Belgium

Missiles Of October

Missiles Of October is precisely what you need to play loudly as you creep slowly through a traffic jam and you will find the palpable mood of mutual frustration amongst your fellow protagonists shifts to a nod of agreement as you are given headway to  make progress. Unthreatening, yet sympathetic of the chaos surrounding.

What marks Missiles Of October out from the many antagonist rock vehicles that exist, is their cohesion – none of the candour is displaced, merely they are able to deliver it without flecks of asinine spittle dribbling down their faces.

Most certainly a band to get to know and one which I look forward to hearing much more of in the future.

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