Surfacing from London in England is the relatively new exploratory-rock duo of Marty Felton and Benjamin Wade who form Miss.

Miss - exploratory rock from England


Regardless of where you turn the volume or any balances Miss will always appear to playing in another room as they deploy subtlety to create emphasis. Veering ‘twixt piano jazz and contusions of colliding existentialist nihilism, the duo create a landscape of contortion in which the audience can cartwheel in abandon.

Able to reach for additional instrumentation to deliver the context for pieces, along with being unafraid to seek supporting vocal Miss have the confidence of a band long in situ, rather than a duo who released their début EP – Do You Feel Electric? (available on bandcamp) on the 23rd and are yet to make their first stage performance. Despite the complexity of the thought process, the material, of which I have only been able to hear the four tracks on the EP, retains a natural connectivity between idea, delivery and listener to allow it an organic flow that ebbs around the limbic system.

Sadly unlikely to ever hit the mainstream, it is with an absolute pleasure that I introduce Miss and wish them every success in the buffeting world of the music industry and I look forward to chronicling their progress over the coming years.


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