Minus World

Minus World from Bloomington in the USA is the alt-indie trio of Greg Moore (Guitar / Vocals), Jared Coyle (Bass) and Greg Simpson (Drums / Vocals / Keys).

Minus World - alt-indie from the USA

Minus World

With sounds ranging from the psychedelic tipped to acid rock Minus World deliver streams of music which entertain the listener with smartly interspersed layers of sound. The trio play intricately constructed pieces which have a gritty underbelly which affords the audience material which focuses attention.The mix of influences do not confuse as there is a recognizable style of delivery.

Minus World have been around a few years and with line-up changes the music has developed into finer pieces since their first release back in 2012. Their latest EP the five track eat sleep die that I have had the opportunity to hear, which is set for release on the 22nd finds the trio in fine fettle.  The spread of tracks enables the band to explore new avenues, whilst their more melodic approach allows the compositions the space to develop without becoming florid.

For sharper eyed readers who recollect another band from Bloomington reviewed last year – The Brown Bottle Flu – with a bassist also called Jared, you are right it is the same Jared, but a completely different sound.

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