Millennial Falcon – Yogi And The Ranger – Audio

Millennial Falcon is an agit-rock band from the USA.

Millennial Falcon

Millennial Falcon

Taking a slug out of societal iniquities and the march of supremacist ideology, which is not merely prevalent in the USA rather, having a global resonance – Millennial Falcon are able to create snarling lyric which they couch within a grungy soundtrack, whilst adding a sense of positivity that those who face bigorty do not stand alone, rather that there are vast swathes around the world who are opposed to societies structured on division.

Their knack to deliver their musical message and often wrap it in sarcastic biting humour rather than a raging maelstrom, thereby affording it wider accessibility.

Their most recent LP Hikikomori was released on the 22nd and is available on bandcamp.

The fourth of the six tracks is Yogi And The Ranger.


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