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The US alt-rock quartet Mightier Than Me are set to release the four track plus three edits eponymous LP on the 2nd of December.

Mightier Than Me

Mightier Than Me

Having had the opportunity to wander through the just under twenty four minutes of the release I can assure you it is something to grab hold of tightly as it spins you around the dance-floor on release.

Ranging through rockabilly skiffle and wall of sound rock via synth-dance along with a jazz-dub-rap remix you can immediately tell this is a band in exploratory stages – but wherever they lay their hat – it is immediately their home and undoubtedly Randy, Robert, Wes and Charlie are capable musicians who I look forward to discovering more of in future releases and discovering where they hone their journey in due course.

The opener is OLE  and my pick of the release which also reforms as a ‘radio edit’ as the closer.

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  1. Fantastic review and awesome music!

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