Micky Blue – Champagne Reign – Audio

Micky Blue is a pop singer from the USA, who releases her EP Wild Things later this year.

Micky Blue

Micky Blue

There are a myriad of reason that I should not be asking you to spend time with this. However, as I often say, music is of a personal moment and much like a band with a strong bass line – anything containing Champagne in the title – as you will know if you are a regular reader is my drink to hand as I write the majority of these posts – means it holds some resonance.

However, as you will equally appreciate were it merely the title, I would not be suggesting Micky Blue, who sits way off the radar of normal fare, as an artist to spend time with were there not added value to the world of music.

With a Marmite vocal, which I happen to enjoy, Champagne Reign.


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