Michel Mystère

Michel Mystère from Lyon in France is an electro-theatre rock creator.

Michel Mystère - electro-theatre rock from France

Michel Mystère

The distinctive material of Michel Mystère is an exposé of the inner workings of a mind. The music is a journey of the turmoil of introspective thinking as Michel Mystère explores the travel towards isolation and back to inclusion in tracks which question the listener as much as provide answers.

There is necessarily a pondering as to whether this self-dialogue can continue in the same vein for the future as the trammels of life have to an extent been lifted. Regardless of which, the excoriation of personal turmoil to public view always takes credit from my seat. Almost standing as a linearisation of grind Michel Mystère  has been able to encapsulate synaptic electro-pulses and deliver them in a context which is easy to understand.

The first live performance of Michel Mystère will be on the 21st June at the Fou Allier Festival supporting the release of the four track EP – ne vous attendait plus, which came out on the 27th May and is available on bandcamp.

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