Michael Robshaw – Nine Lives – Audio

The English acoustic-rock creator Michael Robshaw released the EP Replacements on the 17th.

Michael Robshaw - photo credit - George Yonge

Michael Robshaw – photo credit – George Yonge

The second of the five tracks Nine Lives demonstrates the song writing abilities and context of Michael Roberts in a number which reflects of sentimentalism that isn’t cloying sugar sweetness, rather, a realism of intertwining fingers and a desire to describe a world of possibility. Finely plucked strings allows the music to flow in shifting pace and atmosphere to stretch out arms of cohesion whilst the lilting vocal wistfully passes commentary of inclusiveness.

Much of the material is of commentary of inter-personal relationship in which Michael Roberts seeks to identify acceptance and respect, which is to his credit, in a world where being selfish is seen as a sign of strength and offering a counter-point is always to accepted social norms is always likely to capture my attention.


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