Michael Gilham – Dear, Rose – Single Review

The England based sadcore creator Michael Gilham released the single Dear, Rose on the 18th.

Michael Gilham

Michael Gilham

Led by jazz-fused minor progressive chords on pianoforte Dear, Rose (available in bandcamp) teeters in to the room akin to a cat testing its paws on surface water prior to spotting a dry landing space in which to leap and pleasurably snaffle and wriggle in catnip whilst keeping a wary eye out for rainclouds overhead while the exquisite vocal threads through the ears taking the mind to spaces of melancholic thought whilst simultaneously feeling a catharsis and easement of life’s woes flowing out of the veins.

It was way back in November 2016 that Michael first made contact and merely today that the knots have tied, for which I apologise to one and all.

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