Memory Flowers – Life Is Glorious – Audio

Andy Pisanu from England presents synthetic-indie under the moniker Memory Flowers.

Memory Flowers

Memory Flowers

Current putting final touches to an LP scheduled for release early in 2016, a few teasers have surfaced in advance, most recently Life Is Glorious.

There should be all sorts of reasons I am not asking you take time out to listen to the track, predominately as this song stretches way into mainstream radio friendly territory, to which regular readers know I have a strong aversion. The very fact that despite this – I still am asking you to give this room, indicates it is a song well worth investing time to get to know.

From the opening seemingly superfluous ‘one, two, three, four’ Memory Flowers has the listener hooked. The warming synth / guitar combinations had me checking to see whether it really is still cold outside. The melting melodies are joined by a persistent, though subtle, percussion that keeps Life Is Glorious steadily progressing.

The well delivered vocal, which ranges across the scales adds the emotional context to the just under four and a half minute track. Avoiding the danger of endless repetition to fill the time Memory Flowers introduces changes in pace and instrumentation to retain interest in Life Is Glorious.

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