Meliorist – My Reflection – Video

The Australian mathematical-metal quintet Meliorist release the EP ii. on the 1st of December.

Meliorist - ii. - artwork

Meliorist – ii. – artwork

A phantasmagorical soundtrack envelopes the room as eviscerating death-metal conjoins with the sharp angularity of maths-rock as it darts around the listener like a snarling Crocodylus porosus sizing up its prey with which to play as the flashing jaws of steel clamp down on the limbs with a jocular tail hurtling the audience in to the air and, akin to a skilled juggler, tumbling the resultant bodies in ordered rotation, prior to tiring of the playtime and concluding with a maceration of limbs squeezing in to the gullet.

The middle of the five tracks on ii. (available on bandcamp) is My Reflection.


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