Megalithic – Swiss Army Knife – Audio

Megalithic is a rock duo from England.



Able to swamp the room in flighty temper and subtle undertows, akin to a riptide, swashing the audience aside and asunder. Megalithic deliver music which holds the audience steadfast in absorbed attention whilst eagerly seeking buoy on which to anchor and stabilise themselves from the buffeting ride – ‘only two players?’ one queries as the diverse layers of snarling sounds tumble through the stereocilia as internal balance desperately attempts to discover equilibrium.

By now, if you are a regular reader, are probably already be thinking that my suggestion is to turn the volumes to full blast and topple over with the speakers – and you would be quite correct.

By way of an introduction – Swiss Army Knife  – the sixth of the nine tracks on the LP The Unnamed – which is available on bandcamp.

website (be aware you will have got through most of the song prior to this site resolving – it will finally happen – just be patient)

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  1. Enjoyed this review. Will be looking out for their tracks.

  2. Great review, very evocative.

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