Megafauna – an alt-rock band from Austin in the USA is the line-up of Dani Neff (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Zack Humphrey (Drums), Bryan Wright (Bass).

Megafauna - artwork - Shelby Hohl

Megafauna – artwork – Shelby Hohl

A grungy exploration slithers out of the speakers as Megafauna reflect on spaces of isolation. There is an underlying malcontented consideration of the world that lies within the compositions, that results in a darkness flowing into the head. This gives the music a haunting beauty, which the trio deliver to the audience in foils of progressive rock, that never strays off the direction of travel.

The expressive tracks are both well written and delivered as Megafauna produce sounds which the mind finds itself becoming ever more intrigued by, the longer the period of exposure. The tracks are delivered at a pace which gives them a graciousness, into which the trio inject embellishments of musical tapestry that captivate the imagination, whilst the lyric wrests between conflicts of mechanisation and nature.

With releases dating back to 2010 Megafauna have used the time to invest their music with more evocative writing and there is a clear line of progression through to their latest release, the eleven track Maximalist.

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Maximalist – Megafauna is available on iTunes*.

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