Media Stres

Media Stres from Čakovec in Croatia is the alt-rock trio of Karlo Komorski (Guitar / Vocals), Saša Hutinec (Bass) and Matej Obadić (Drums).

Media Stres - alt-rock from Croatia

Media Stres

There is a delightful swagger and bounce to the music that struts into the room with the arrival of Media Stres. A rock solid percussion forms the steel for the trio, to which the bass adds a hum of discontent, surrounded by a guitar that shifts between lead and rhythm giving the trio a wider spectrum in which to explore. The vocal which emerges from Californian indie, whilst initially sounding discordant, quickly settles in the ears and the out-put has a coherent story to tell.

The highlight of the sounds, for me, are the powerful drums that rhythmically pulse around the room capturing attention and gathering the body up to sway in time.

Somewhat appositely I was sent the most recent Media Stres release E.V.I.L. (e-Virus influenced love) Part 1. (which is available on bandcamp) as an introduction to the band and on ‘liking’ their Facebook Page found they now have 666 likes.

A couple of years into their journey Media Stres are balancing releases with live performances and it will be interesting to hear how things develop for them this year. Already Part 2 is scheduled for release in the Spring.

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