Media Stres – Right or Wrong – Video

The Croatian alt-rock trio Media Stres release the EP E.V.I.L. (Part 2) on the 25th of January.

Media Stres - E​​.​​V​​.​​I​​.​​L. (Part 2) - artwork

Media Stres – E​​.​​V​​.​​I​​.​​L. (Part 2) – artwork

From the five track release Right Or Wrong, the second, is a number tht features rumbling instrumentation and reflective vocal as Media Stres follow up on the EP – E.V.I.L. (e-Virus influenced love) Part 1. released just over a year ago.

Right Or Wrong has the air of a space-rock number, which they have compressed into a pressurised airlock as Media Stres  draw on closely marked chords and a pulsing percussion / bass combination to which the vocal adds the airy spaces.

E.V.I.L. (Part 2) is available on bandcamp.

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