Maxhaseyes – Sorrows – Audio

The Germany based jazz-fusion project Maxhaseyes released the LP Heavy Headed on the 21st.



It may come as a moment of double take to those of longer stay that an introduction opened with ‘jazz’ anywhere near the genre description, as you will be aware of my issues with the style, yet music is all about opening our minds and finding the right moment to be doing that – it just so happens that Max Schnupp – originally from Oxford (England) and now based in Berlin (Germany) hit that sweet spot – and I assure you it is time well spent.

There is an algorithmic curvature to the otherwise angular constructs which flow easily through the brain, sparking their own synapses from ear to cortex, that leads the listener in to the weave of knitting betwixt blues, maths-rock and modern-jazz each of which is blended in to an output that holds attention with Maxhaseyes igniting the occasional firework in tracks which for its bright trajectory kidnaps transfixed attention before subsiding back in to the flow of sound.

My pick of the eleven tracks on Heavy Handed is the fifth – Sorrows.

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