Matthew & Me

Matthew & Me is an alt-rock band from Totnes in England comprising Matthew BoardGrace BillingsAndrew HopperLucy Fawcett and Sam Craigan.

Matthew & Me - alt-rock from England

Matthew & Me

Burgeoning ballads are pricked by sharp barbs of rock derived influences which scores across tracks like rumbling thunder. There is no doubt that Matthew & Me are consummate song-writers with the instrumental and vocal skills to transpose the ideas aurally and provide the audience with music which entrances.

Matthew & Me deliver their sounds with a slight damper which gives the effect of rustling leaves in a breeze and regardless of the volume you play it back, there is a slightly haunting feel to the music. Possessing the ability to play with numerous inflections the quintet are able to provide the audience with a rich seam of discovery.

A new EP set for release on the 16th June – Golden Charms – is a luxuriant journey across their out-put with tracks ranging from the pugilistic to the acoustic and a welcome addition to the world of music that reflects of the 2010’s.

website (music starts immediately).

MMXIII – EP – Matthew & Me is available on iTunes*

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