Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates

Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates originally from the USA now based in Birmingham in England is the melancholic rock outfit centred around Matthew Edwards with David Roberton, Derick Simmonds and Bob Dog forming the line-up now recreated in the UK.

Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates - Melancholic rock from England

Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates

The music of Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates languidly floats around the room in a pall of atmospherics as the sounds, which mind of gallows in early morning mist, drift around the ears. The sombre considerations have an almost tangible feel with their rich tones.

Whilst morion of temperament the quartz has a lustre which glows blackly between the walls. It is the very sadness, which is translated in luxurious compositions that makes Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates addictive to the listener. The multitude of instruments deployed are not over-arched, each, adding a necessary and not over-played part in the orchestration. The intonation of the vocal suits each moment in the tracks, bringing the ideas together in an intense out-put.

Currently working on a follow up LP to the The Fates, which was originally distributed only as a CD in 2013 – now available digitally, it will be interesting to see how the new formula moves forward.


The Fates – Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates is available on iTunes.*

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