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The US melodic-hop creator Matt Tha Outlaw released the LP Lawless on the 25th.

Matt Tha Outlaw - Lawless - reverse side artwork

Matt Tha Outlaw – Lawless – reverse side artwork

While reflective of the barriers in reaching out of grinding poverty Matt Tha Lawless contemplates of routes to make life a better place in which to exist. Not merely aiming to swagger of opulence he is discursive of the the mantra of ‘greed is good’, positing, there is more to an existence based on how fat the bank balance and whilst railing against a system that pours scorn on those of the 99%. He equally grapples with his own internal arguments of how wealth is a judgement of value whilst tentatively offering an alternative vision.

Given the genre where to boast of fiscal wealth is ‘normality’ and many other musicians of other styles of music who rage against inequality, yet, still play the same ‘monetary values’ game – it is refreshing to discover a hip-hop artist who takes an approach of parallax and delivers a diatribe which is also driven by melodic construct.

My pick of the release is the fourth – Hold On.

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