MATILDAZ – Black Moon – Audio

The English dark-rock duo MATILDAZ released the EP – EP2 yesterday.



Those connected with the various sites will understand why I have not chosen to write a track by track review of the release as two of the five songs on EP2 (available on bandcamp) have been featured, so I will stick to one song to highlight and again – those of longer readership will understand exactly why I have selected this track – Black Moon – the penultimate – to feature.

Mangled guitar strings that bow below the one beneath I do enjoy and not only does bass but also lead guitar thus feature in the dark romance of Black Moon as MATILDAZ lay imagery to eclipse. The hunting guitars create a tribal footnote from which a lamenting vocal expostulates a reflective contemplative as the scantily pronounced percussion adds a touch of gravitational undertow which, unhindered, shifts the material moment -much like a sudden celestial darkness. At once both disconcerting whilst reassuring.

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