Masters In France – Vaporise – Single Review

It has been five years since the Welsh synth-wave outfit – Masters In France last featured.

Masters In France

Masters In France

A new single is being released today – Vaporise. The delay in updating any news about Masters In France has been their extended break.

Slimmed down from the quintet to the trio of Ed Ellis Jones, Sion Ed and Matthew Ellis Sayer the music has become, if anything, more expansive with the electronics forming billowing clouds which surround a luscious beat and pulsing bass through which the voices glow.

Masters In France have always given themselves space to create their sounds – it took two years for their first EP – Inhale – to surface and although word last arose in 2013 of an LP in the offing, there was the caveat added – ‘not sure when this will be released’. Whilst I hope the new single marks a return to material surfacing from Masters In France, I equally don’t anticipate Vaporise to be followed up in short order, though do look forward to it.

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