Mason Mercer

Mason Mercer from New York in the USA is the creator of experimental industrial rock.

Mason Mercer - Experimental Industrial Rock from The USA

Mason Mercer

An omnipresent metronomic mechanisation threads through the music which whilst having a formation is the aural equivalent of a panic attack as Mason Mercer reflects on a world that steamrollers over individual endeavour agglomerating writhing humanity into a robotic factory line harried into greater productivity.

Mason Mercer is able to transliterate a sense of panic to a musical format without it straying to the unfathomable and although the sounds crash and collide to portray the concepts, they are equally not so far off the range as to be incoherent and this balance is a testament to the finesse of the compositions.

A new five track EP – Slobber – was released on the 6th (which is available on bandcamp) which is well worth spending the nineteen minutes to hear and then immediately hitting replay. The dark brooding presence of the music chills the room, even on a warm day, with the sense of impending doom that oozes through the ceiling.

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