Martin Del Carpio

The dark-electronica creator Martin Del Carpio based in New York in the USA released the LP Notes From The Underground on the 15th.

Martin Del Carpio - Notes From The Underground - artwork

Martin Del Carpio – Notes From The Underground – artwork

Having featured various tracks by Martin Del Carpio over the past eighteen months it seemed appropriate to write a fuller article on the material and the new album affords an ideal opportunity.

The music stretches from rock based instrumentation to experimental electronica with the underlying sense that the listener is listening to a commentary on a world in tumult. The slightly subsumed delivery gives the sense of discovering boarded up housing and disbanded manufacturing plants, investigating the crumbling infrastructure on a foggy night dimly lit by fluorescent amber lamps and Martin Del Carpio doesn’t seek to offer glimpses of a bright future, rather a feeling of isolation and forlorn hopelessness.

The material, for its very despondency, sears powerfully into the mind and the audience finds themselves drawn into the dystopian imagery, finding solace in the wanton carnage, in a similar way that authors such as Huxley, Solzhenitsyn and Jameson etc. wrote such engaging pieces of literature.

Notes From The Underground (available on bandcamp) is an eight track release approaching three quarters of an hour that contains very few discernible lyrics, in which you will find little light, but plenty of illumination and will not want to put down until the whole album has run through its journey.

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