Martin Del Carpio – The Ballad Of Ninfa – Video

The US based melancholic-electronica creator Martin Del Carpio has a new track that has recently surfaced.

Martin Del Carpio - The Ballad of Ninfa

Martin Del Carpio – The Ballad of Ninfa

The Ballad Of Ninfa is, on the surface, a more approachable track as the music threads recognisable furrows of composition. However beneath, the oiled gate, lies a track which is of even darker atmosphere as a desperate sense of isolation grips the listener in icy grasp.

Whether The Ballad Of Ninfa exists as a distinguishable stand alone statue or will fold within a fuller release is not yet ascertainable. What is evident is that Martin Del Carpio is adept at creating brooding moments from whichever angle he approaches the subject matter.

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