Marsicans – Absence – Video

The English indie-dance quartet Marsicans released the EP Absence – digitally on the 16th and to be released on vinyl on the 8th of October.

Marsicans - photo by - Robbie Jay Barratt - Photography

Marsicans – photo by – Robbie Jay Barratt – Photography

Having had the opportunity to wander through the four track plus four remixes release I am left feeling better for it.

Akin to taking a shower in orange flower-water Marsicans don’t seek to confront the listener and although this is music that will and has been enjoyed by those who like music covered with sugar, for those of us who like some splinters in their speakers, the quartet do not play from a template and can find a refraction in the diamond cuts which imbue colour. Investing their output with a sense of realisation that a direct connection with the listener is of far more import than a cut and paste of chords and keys.

From Absence (available on bandcamp) – the opener and title.


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