Marque Dos

Marque Dos from New York in the USA is the synth-pop quartet of Andrea Scanniello (Vocals / Keys), Kelly McCarthy (Vocals / Keys), Chris Nova (Vocals / Bass) and Ralph Nicastro (Guitar / Keys).

Marque Dos - synth-pop from the USA

Marque Dos

Very recently formed by half the member of Boxed Wine, who remain intact and on course, with two additional players Marque Dos bring back recollections of early pioneers of the genre, but without the gloominess.

Although there is only the one track so far City At Night, if is a signpost to the direction of travel, then I would anticipate if you are a Mediterranean Clubber, you will become very familiar with their sounds this coming summer.

For a change including the term ‘pop’ in a description isn’t a denigration but a vote of confidence.


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