Marlinspike – Into The Deep – Audio

The Australian trippy-rock band Marlinspike released the EP Time Capsule yesterday.

Marlinspike - Photo by J'aime Fazackerley Photography

Marlinspike – Photo by J’aime Fazackerley Photography

Floating around the room on extended delayed fuzz Marlinspike deliver music that hangs around on the air, like the scent of patchouli oil, long after the notes have drifted to silence. The combinations of garage rock blended with a mushroom tea infusion gives the material a slightly psychedelic impression without the listener feeling as though they are set to see dragons walking on the ceiling, rather be left in a relaxing slightly muzzy-headedness.

My selection from the five track EP (available on bandcamp) is the penultimate (and atypical of the release with its jogging beat, particularly given the text above) Into The Deep.

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