Mark John – Long Time Coming – Single Review

Mark John is an alt-rock duo from England comprising Mark Race (Rhythm guitar / Vocals) with Richards Woods (Lead Guitar).

Mark John - Long Time Coming - artwork

Mark John – Long Time Coming – artwork

Having earned stripes as a busking and pub project Mark John has deservedly gained traction, resulting in the début three track single Long Time Coming being released on the 20th of May.

The opening track – Stay Awhile is an acoustic number, which displays the emotive connections and the vocal reach of Mark Race.

The middle track – Long Time Coming, offers more intricate instrumentation, sliding gently into a bridging blues-rock-folk number which adds the dimension of piano and bowed strings into the mix.

The concluder – Let It Out despite being the longest track is the punchiest and inevitably my pick of the release as the rolling beat jogs around the room.

Word also arrives Mark John may well extend the line-up in due course, replacing the drum machine in recording and lack of drums in live performance. I look forward to that development and aim to keep you updated in the future of a talented song-writing duo who add much to the world of music.

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