Mara Falls – One For The Road – Single Review

Mara Falls is a relatively new alt-rock trio from England.

Mara Falls

Mara Falls

With only a couple of tracks around, for those who haven’t seen them live, the most recent of which,  One For The Road, was released as a single on the 3rd.

Displaying strong songwriting skills and delivery, it is not a great surprise that Mara Falls are already establishing a live performance circuit and certainly a band a you can expect to hear much more of in the near future.

One For The Road offers the listener a combination of easy to engage sounds through which they weave intricate and unobtrusive layers of texture and pacing allowing the listeners who like their music to be unobtrusive to find a space to enjoy and for those of us who look for their listening preferences to have more gravitas plenty to consider. The percussion steps effortlessly been rim-shot time keeping to furling rolls that test the stability of the drum-kit whilst bass flows from pulsing to melodic as the guitar provides moments of quiet glitter to roaring riffs whilst a very quiet keyboard can be spotted popping its nose above the parapet from time to time as the well controlled vocal ensures all the elements are aligned, with the hive of activity all surfacing like an elegantly gliding swan out of the speakers.


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