Manuka Piglet

Manuka Piglet is Sam Roberts, Calvary Fisher, Ian Carrillo and Andy Herman a psychedelic folk band from Albuquerque in the USA.

Manuka Piglet - psychedelic folk from the USA

Manuka Piglet

Manuka Piglet are uncompromising in their style which demands the audience gets aboard the wagon and it is a journey well worth exploring. Put away preconceptions, don your kaftan, slip on a tie-dyed cheesecloth shirt and relax to the experimental psychedelia.

Bending the sounds to shifting paradigms Manuka Piglet captivate the mind in the mesmerising conundrums pulsing against the ear. Whilst pushing the boundaries of structure, there is an easy listen-ability and continuity to the music. It is this ability to take the recognizable and distort it to a new dimension that gives the quartet their impact inside the head of the audience. They are the sort of band who have much to offer, but few will take the time to engage with now, but potentially, like Captain Beefheart will live long in the annals of ‘…influenced by…’, which is a great pity.

Manuka Piglet is one of those platinum nuggets that appear from time to time and I hope you, as an underground music supporter, will give them more than a few seconds of your time as the longer you let it run the more the mind flows in the same direction as the out-put.

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