Manic Pixi

Manic Pixi from Brooklyn in the USA is the indie-pop quartet of Kat Hamilton (Vocals), Emmett Ceglia (Drums), Marshall Biever (Guitar) and Drew Bastian (Bass).

Manic Pixi - indie-pop from the USA

Manic Pixi

Manic Pixi hurtle through the room like bunting in a tornado as the quartet blow away the clouds to reveal a sunny overhead sky. Whilst bouncy and smiling the quartet are far from anodyne as they combine gruff rock riffs, wall testing percussion, blasting bass and fully formed vocal with playful disposition.

There is an infectious enthusiasm and joie de vivre that leaves the audience enjoying the out-put for all the right reasons as they deftly balance raw edges with radio engagement – a bit like a lemon cheesecake – sweet and sharp – what more does music need?

Originally known as Sugar Bomb and having gone through various line-up changes I hope Manic Pixi find a period of stability to enable them to maximise the release of their highly enjoyable eleven track début LP – Sugar Bomb! which came out on the 16th.


Sugar Bomb – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes*.

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