Manic Pixi – Iron Heart – Audio

The US indie-spike quartet Manic Pixi are due to release the LP Iron Heart later in the year.

Manic Pixi - Iron Heart - artwork

Manic Pixi – Iron Heart – artwork

The title track of the album dropped into my arms a few hours ago and I thought I would take the opportunity to share it with you soon as possible.

Whilst immediately recognisable by the distinctive vocal, Manic Pixi have compressed their sounds inside a vice from that which was introduced back in 2014 and Iron Heart unleashes into the room a pulverising stream which is best played when you can feel your skin hair being waved in the breeze hammering out of the speakers. Allow the quartet to fix the balance themselves and you will not go wrong.

All that is asked of the audience is to clear floor space as they flail around with ears bleeding in enthrals of punchy percussion, whilst bass is held in mute, which is why you are able to turn the volume as loud as it will go, then, thump the output again – this is not music to be played on tinny mobile phone speakers, rather to enjoy as it stands through a full speaker set up. The bristling guitar snaps like garters at an orgy and the finesse is provided as the fecund vocal gathers the components together akin to a skilled shepherdess.

Given this introductory track, there can be nothing other than to do than gather party minded folks to the launch of the full LP.

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