Manett is the vehicle for the psychedelic-dream creator Rosa Bordallo, based in Brooklyn in the USA to bring her musical ideas to life.

Manett - psychedelic-dream from the USA


The sounds swirl into the room gently enveloping the listener in an embrace of tantalising melancholia. The waves of sound seem to compress and expand, giving the material a silky texture. Synthetic loops spiral out of the instrumentation, whilst an ever present pulse threads through the melodies which is joined by a delightful vocal that drips sadness giving a sense of an underlying darkness.

Manett delivers music that inveigles its way into the soul and the audience finds themselves captivated by the contrasting textures of light and brooding moods. There is something ethereal to the compositions, which are always drifting past just out of reach as the various elements weave their imagery.

An experienced musician, Rosa, is able to write material that contains complex layering, but when it arrives in the ears the brain is not left in a conundrum as the dichotomies flow easily.

The latest release, a three track single, Stigma-Style is being released on the 28th and available on bandcamp. The closing number is Treehouse.

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